The Island

The body of water that separates Prince Edward Island from New Brunswick was chosen by Samuel Holland, the Island’s first surveyor, for HMS Northumberland, the flagship of Admiral Colville, Commander in Chief of the British navy in North America who surveyed the coastline in 1749.

The strait’s shallow depth is an important factor in the ongoing prolific shellfish and lobster fisheries and is reportedly home to the warmest ocean water temperatures on the Atlantic coast north of the Carolinas.

Tourists and locals alike flock to its sandy beaches and admire the redness of its soil whose high iron oxide provides its trademark vivid colour.

PEI is the smallest Canadian province in both size and population. Also known as The Island, it is connected to the mainland (New Brunswick) by the C0nfederation Bridge which is the longest in the world over ice-covered water

Most of the permanent residents of PEI can trace their roots back hundreds of years to the waves of Acadian, Scottish and Irish immigrants that populated the Island beginning in the 1600′s.

One of the highlights of any visit to the Island is attending a traditional Ceilidh or house party. Ceilidh at the Corner (Orwell Corner), the Irish Benevolent Society Hall (Charlottetown) and the Le Village (Mount Carmel) stage some of the best authentic ceilidh’s on the Island.

PEI is heaven for golfers. With twenty-six spectacular courses scattered over the Island, its golf vacations continue to be rated among the best in North America.

Heritage Roads are the narrow, red clay lanes of the Island that are very special places – each with a story. The terrain over which these routes travel is varied and captivating. High hills, twists and turns lure the traveler onward. Wonderful vistas provide panoramic views of the countryside, as well as glimpses of rural life – of farmsteads, new and abandoned.”Tunnels” of foliage are found along some of these trails. Native hardwoods such as sugar maple, red maple, beech and red oak are some of the trees contributing to the canopies that arch over many roads. A list of select Heritage Roads can be accessed via the PEI Tourism link located on this site.